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Welcome to the Museum of Illusions Zadar!

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    Are you ready for an even bigger, better, more fascinating adventure? Visit the Museum of Illusion in Zadar ; we offer you an intriguing visual, sensory and educational experience with a handful of new, unexplored illusions. The Museum of Illusion in Zadar brings you a space suitable both for social and entertaining tours into the world of illusions which has delighted all generations. Not only is it a place for children who adore coming, but also a place for parents, couples, grandmothers and grandfathers. Come and explore the world of illusions.


  • Zadar, the go-to place for illusions!

    If a picture is worth a thousand words, be sure that an illusion hides more than a million! Come and explore the world of illusions. Experience the impossible. Be sure your camera is fully charged with memory space before you visit. By all means take your camera with you 😉

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Take a peak inside of our newest Museum of Illusions in Zadar!

Take a peak at a Musem of Illusions in Zadar! You won’t believe your eyes!

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Enjoy in holograms and optical illusions, they are a reminder that our assumptions about the world we perceive are often, nothing but an illusions.

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We are able to offer you the organization of event that could completely satisfy the needs of the organizers and all the guests.

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